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How to Choose Effective Air Cannons

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If you want to install air cannons on your containers, then you need to choose the right products in the right numbers. To get an effective solution, spend some time thinking about your current set-up, needs and problems. What do you need to know?

What Goes in Your Containers?

You can't expect every air cannon to deal with every type of material. So, to start, think about what you store in your containers. Typically, these kinds of bulk materials split into two camps. They might be easy or hard to manage.

Easy materials tend to be free-flowing. They are dry and they keep their shape without compacting or sticking together. Here, you might simply need a basic cannon that keeps your container clean and the materials moving.

Harder materials often need more help from more advanced cannons. These materials are more likely to stick together and to their containers. Some have some liquid oil or water contents. They might create lumps that are large enough to cause blockages.

What Kind of Containers Do You Use?

The design of your storage containers might also affect your choice of air cannon. For example, a container with steep slopes on its walls won't need as much air cannon help as one that has less significant slopes. Likewise, your exit outlets are also a factor here. A container with a large outlet can discharge more materials more quickly. Additionally, they aren't as likely to get stuck around the outlet.

However, if your outlet is small, then your materials have less space to flow through. They might collect around the outlet and cause blockages that need extra air cannon help.

Bear in mind that the container itself has to meet certain criteria before you can attach an air cannon to it. For example, the thickness of its walls will affect the weight it can carry. This might affect the sizes of cannons you can buy.

Why Do You Want to Install Air Cannons?

The reason why you want to install air cannons is important. as it helps you choose the right device for the job. For example, if you want to keep the inside of a large container clean and free from debris, then your best option might be to place multiple cannons around the perimeter to give you full clearing coverage.

However, if you have a specific flow problem, such as ratholing, arching or bridging, then you need to install a cannon in the problem area. It needs to target a specific part of the container.

For more information, contact air cannon manufacturers. They can help you choose the right devices and configuration for your needs.