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5 Critical Aspects to Make the Most Out of Your Scissor Lift Rentals

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When running any project, picking the ideal tools and equipment for the task offers many advantages. For example, a scissor lift would be an excellent addition to your lifting-related projects. It helps hoist contractors and their tools to a preferred height. Furthermore, scissor lifts come in various types offering all-around utility to manage multiple aspects of the project.

To help you hire the right scissor lift for your project, here are essential things you need to know to make the most out of your equipment: 

The Type of Scissor Lift to Hire

Scissor lifts come in different types, including electric, diesel or hydraulic. Hydraulic scissor lifts are better for warmer conditions than colder ones, which affect the oil's viscosity. On the other hand, electric scissors are superior for flat, indoor spaces because they don't produce emissions. Finally, diesel-engine units are preferable for outdoor spaces because they produce emissions, which aren't ideal for enclosed spaces. 

Scissor Lifts Offer Enhanced Safety

These lifts have safety features that help protect contractors from falling and other related accidents. The platform features a rail surrounding it and a gate to allow users to mount or dismount it. Users can clip their safety harnesses on the railing for extra protection to prevent accidental falling. 

Scissor Lift Platforms Are Wider than Ladders

When contrasted to ladders, scissor lifts feature larger platforms, supporting several workers and equipment at once. A broader platform also means workers can access a wider expanse of the wall or roof without repositioning the equipment, hence saving more time. However, ladders must be repositioned when moving to the next section. It's imperative, though, to take the proper measurements of the surface you want to work on before hiring the right scissor lift for the job.

Consider How Terrain Will Impact Your Selection

It'll be prudent to consider a four-wheel-drive feature found on most rough-terrain scissor lifts for rugged or sloped terrain. Another critical aspect to regard here is ground clearance. Consider models with higher ground clearances and distinctive wheels if you must manoeuvre over rough surfaces or rubble. Most online vendors rarely highlight this factor, so it'll be imperative to inquire from the sales representatives. 

Compare Quotes to Get the Best Deal

When hiring scissor lifts, it's imperative to set an appropriate budget. Therefore, look for several reputable companies and request comprehensive quotes for scissor lift hire. Depending on your requirements and budget, making a quote comparison will help you get the best deal. 

There you have it! When hiring scissor lifts for your next project, pay extra attention to these five factors to make an informed choice.