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Why the best timber decks are made from hardwoods

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Building a deck in the backyard is simply part of the dream for many Australian homeowners. It looks greats, it adds welcome value to your home, and it increases the amount of living space available for you and your family to use, be it for entertaining guests with a couple of drinks, lounging around in the fresh outdoor air, or hosting a good old fashioned backyard BBQ. Since a good deck stays with you for life, and Australia's hot climate can be one of the harshest this side of the Pacific, it's no surprise that many people want their deck to be the strongest and best possible quality it can be. With this in mind, most experts recommend building your deck using hardwood timber. Here's why. 

Strength and durability:

Commonly used hardwoods like Jarrah, Merbau and Spotted Gum are considered to be the strongest available for timber decking. Not only are they highly durable, extremely resilient and long lasting, but they are far more resistant against extreme factors such bush fires and termites than other types of wood. Due to their high density, hardwoods are used in all manner of construction, ranging from the building of good quality furniture to flooring

Unique look and feel:

Every type of hardwood has a different look, style, texture, grain and overall character to it. While hardwoods such as Merbau, otherwise known as Kwila, are distinctly red-brown, others like Jarrah are more traditionally and richly brown coloured. The presence of a hardwood deck can aesthetically enhance any backyard or outdoor space and add a unique element to any get together or party you might host on it.

Easy maintenance:

By adding oil and a timber finish after installation, your hardwood deck is bound to last for years while requiring a relatively limited amount of maintenance, especially compared to other types of wood. Due to their durability, hardwood decks are also very hard to scratch or damage. Their natural look and the fact that they are difficult to stain means you can also easily sand them down and reseal whenever you need too. 

Middle ground affordability:

Although when compared to softwood and pine treated decks, hardwood decks are more expensive to buy and install, their great durability, longevity and easy maintenance are commendable. Important to note, hardwood decks are more affordable than their environmentally friendly composite deck counterparts, which are made from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fibres. Next to these, hardwood decks occupy a viable and respectable middle ground when it comes to affordability. 

Overall, there are many reasons timber decking specialists recommend hardwood timber for decking installations. These decks are comparatively affordable, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing and strong enough to weather a variety of elements.