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Need Timber Pallets? Here Are The 5 Important Things You Need To Look For Before Purchase

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Timber pallets are a very effective way to package your goods before freight transport. If you operate a business (or are just about to launch one) and need to constantly dispatch goods to clients or retail outlets, then you need a constant supply of pallets in order to ensure that your goods move out ready for shipment. Below, see the most important things you need to check when buying or ordering your pallets and why.

New Vs second-hand

You can buy either new or second-hand timber pallets. New pallets promise longer use while second-hand pallets offer cost savings. New pallets are ideal for applications where you plan to retain the pallets for long. Because they are new, you get great value for money over time. Second-hand pallets are ideal for deliveries where the pallets will remain with the consignees and are therefore needed for a one-time delivery.

Weight rating

Each pallet has a specific weight rating that specifies the maximum load that can be carried on that pallet. Always check the weight rating to ensure that it meets your requirements. If you're planning to use the pallets for a considerable amount of time, it's often better to buy pallets with a much higher weight rating than you need. This saves you from having to buy more pallets should you need to dispatch heavier products in future.


Pallets are not all of the same size. There are a number of different pallet sizes available. Checking the pallet sizing is important because it affects a number of factors such as compatibility with your loads, compatibility with shipping containers, and compatibility with transport trucks and vans. Choose a pallet size that fits your goods well and eases transport and handling. If need be, you can order custom-sized pallets for an even more perfect fit for your goods.

Pallet accessories

Sometimes you need extra additions to make your pallets even more effective in their work. The most common pallet accessories are pallet collars and pallet covers. Pallet collars are fitted around the pallets and are helpful at keeping unstable goods contained on the pallets. Pallet covers are used together with pallet collars. They are fitted onto the collars in order to seal the pallet box for safety or privacy reasons.

Export certification

If sending your pallets outside the country, it is important to make sure the pallets you're purchasing have met the ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) standards by bearing the certification logo. This means that the pallets are debarked and heat treated to avoid the cross-country spread of pests or diseases.

After selecting your pallets, you can request pallet delivery to your place of business in order to save you time and costs. If need be, you can place a standing order so as to replenish your pallet supplies continuously.