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5 Ways Insulated Roof Panels Beat Traditional Roofing Insulation

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Roof insulation is a critical step in the construction of any home. Traditional roof insulation entails installing insulation material all over the roof and attic. Modern roof insulation, on the other hand, consists of pre-insulated roofing panels. In this article, see how modern insulated roof panels are better than their traditional alternative.

Faster and simpler installation

With traditional insulation, the roof has to be constructed first using the standard procedure. Once done, the insulation is scheduled later and takes about a day or even more depending on the size of the property. This entails cutting, measuring, and fitting the insulation material on the attic floor or under the roofing rafters.

Insulated roofing panels make this entire process way simpler. The panels are already fitted with insulation material. So once the roof is installed the entire process is complete, just like that.

Cheaper to install

When you compare both types of insulation and the processes involved, insulated roofing panels provide a more cost-effective option. This is because, with insulated roofing panels, you do not have to pay for insulation labour. The panels are installed by the builders during construction. You therefore get to save the cost it would take to pay insulation experts to come lay the insulation material.

Keeps attic insulated and usable

Traditional insulation methods often mean that an attic is converted from a usable space to an insulation-laden area. That's because the insulation material is installed all over the attic flooring in a manner that makes the space uninhabitable. Plus, the attic remains uninsulated because the insulation is on the attic floor and not the roof. With insulated roof panels, the insulation goes on the roof. This means that the attic is left fully insulated and free for use.

Provides a very neat and professional finish

By all means, traditional roofing insulation leaves the under-roof and attic area looking messy and untidy. The insulation material is usually sprawled all over the attic floor. In addition to that, the insulation is out in the open where pests may later come and inhabit.

Modern insulated roof panels provide a more professional finish. The panels have a bottom cover layer, so once installed, the insulation is no longer visible while in the attic. Plus, you can now use and maintain the attic floor as you wish without the insulation wool getting in your way.

Applicable in outdoor shelters too

Lastly, insulated roof panels can be used in outdoor shelters such as patios. The procedure is the same as indoors. The roof panels are installed and then the outdoor space below gets relief from heat from the sun.  However, because traditional insulation is often installed by laying the wool on the attic floor, and outdoor shelters have no attic, the method is inapplicable for such structures.

So if you're planning to build, save yourself the hassle and cost by simply installing insulated roof panels.