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How to Prevent the Common Hazards Associated with Scaffolds

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Some people who hire scaffolding rarely use this equipment on a regular basis. Consequently, those people may not take all the necessary precautions that seasoned scaffold users take while using the scaffolds. The laxity of the inexperienced users may expose them to several risks. This article discusses how novice contractors can avoid some of those risks.

Scaffold Collapse

The entire scaffold doesn't have to collapse in order for a major disaster to occur. Even a single plank can trigger a fatality if it loosens and falls while a worker is stepping on it. It is therefore crucial that each component of the scaffold is thoroughly inspected after the scaffold has been erected. Only use a certified person to set up the scaffolds at your construction site. That person will ensure that the scaffold is capable of taking the weight of the people and the materials that will be ferried to the work area. Never try to set up a scaffold if you are not trained to do so.

Risks of Falling Materials

Some people only think about the workers on work platforms when they are discussing scaffold safety. However, individuals working at lower levels of the structure and those walking on the ground below should also be kept in mind as scaffolds are erected. Install netting or toe boards so that materials and tools don't injure other people when those items fall from scaffolds. It may also be necessary to place barriers around the work area so that people are prevented from walking underneath the scaffold unnecessarily. Warning signs should also be posted so that other people around the site are constantly on their guard when they are close to the scaffold.

Risks of Falling

Workers can fall from a scaffold if adequate measures aren't taken to keep them safe. The effective measures include ensuring that all employees have fall arresters while they are on the work platform. Proper access, such as using a secured set of ladders, can also help to limit the chance of falls. Employee training on the proper use of scaffolds also helps to reduce the risk of falling off the platform as they work.

Find out what guidelines or regulations are available in your area regarding the use of work platforms. You can also ask the scaffolding hire company to take you through all the procedures that are helpful in ensuring that your work platform will be safe. Adhere to all the advice that they give you so that you can prevent a scaffold mishap from happening at your construction site.