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Why Choose Wooden Crates for Your Packaging?

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To make sure your merchandise is delivered to customers in the same condition you packaged it at your premises, it is important that you use good packaging products. One such product is wooden crates. There are lots of good reasons why you should use wood crates to meet your packaging requirements. Read on to learn about a few top benefits of opting for wood crates for your packaging. 

Wooden crates can be made-to-order

Standard crates may not cater for your packaging requirements. Therefore, you will need to obtain custom products for your particular packaging. One of the top benefits of using wooden crates is that they are actually customisable. This means your packaging applications will not be limited to just using the standard crates made of wood. The ability to customise wooden crates gives users an opportunity to have decorative carvings integrated into their products. But it is not about aesthetics alone: there are lots of practical advantages associated with the customisation. A crate with internal wall padding is not only attractive to the eye, but also offers better protection when carrying contents that can break easily, for example.

Wooden crates are perfect for stacking

Many people often shy away from using wooden crates because they consider wood to be heavier than lightweight alternatives such as crates made of plastic. But it is this inherent characteristic that makes wood an ideal choice in storage facilities such as warehouses where optimal space utilisation is needed. Because wooden crates are robustly built, you can stack loads and loads of crates high up without damaging any crates. This helps to make the most use out of the available space by utilising the height of your storage facility and saving valuable floor space.

Wooden crates are a good environmental choice

Another top benefit of using wooden crates is that nothing will go to waste upon the end of their service life. They can be turned into planter boxes and toy storage boxes, or disassembled and rebuilt to make coffee tables, shelves and other types of furniture. This will, in turn, impact positively on the environment in terms of reduced need to harvest more trees for wood construction projects and a reduction in the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

As you are now familiarised with some of the benefits of using crates made from wood, you should seriously consider using them for your packaging.