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Essential Features You Need When Buying a Millet Broom

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If you're buying a broom for your home, office, or industrial facility, you should make sure you choose the best broom possible. Shopping for a millet broom, in particular? Then, keep an eye out for these essential features.

Made With Millet

Traditionally, all millet brooms were made with millet, which is a stiff type of grass fibre. However, over the years, many millet farms in Australia have ceased production. In the past, every home used to have a millet broom, but in recent years, many consumers have switched to other types of brooms or vacuum cleaners. 

As a result, you may see brooms that have the traditional look of a millet broom but that have been made with other fibres. To ensure you're getting the best product, choose real millet, but keep in mind that it may be imported


The most effective millet brooms are handmade. You may be able to find machine-made brooms, but they don't offer as much quality and tend to fall apart more easily. Handmade millet brooms stay together more effectively because they are stitched and bound together by hand. 

Wooden Handle

A wooden handle feels comfortable in your hands, and it lends itself to hours of sweeping. In contrast, other materials can lead to blisters or discomfort. Additionally, you can always extend the life of the wood with polish or stain.

Wired Connection Between the Broom and the Handle

The manner in which your broom and handle are connected can impact the longevity of your broom. Many modern brooms feature a screw and thread connection between the head of the broom and the handle. In other words, the handle screws into a threaded hole on the head. If these brooms are poorly made, the threads can quickly become worn out and then the head will refuse to stay attached to the handle. 

Often, this issue starts with the head spinning around from the handle and then falling off frequently. To avoid this issue, you need to eliminate the threads and look for a broom where the head is attached to the handle with wires or another secure connection. Before buying a broom, try to move the head away from the handle. If you see any play, choose another broom. If you're shopping online, look for visual clues such as wire around the top of the millet used for the head of the broom.

Angled Head

Finally, you want the edges of the head to be angled. This allows you to get into the corners of your room and even makes it possible to sweep cobwebs from the edges of the ceiling on the top of the walls.