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How to Select the Best Air Cannons for Your Application

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Have you been experiencing material flow problems in your cement manufacturing plant? Read on and discover some of the key features that you should look out for when selecting air cannon systems to use as flow aids at your facility.

High-Speed Valves

Some models of air cannons have valves that discharge large volumes of compressed air from large tanks. Such valves are wasteful because a lot of energy is usually used to expel that large volume of air in order to dislodge any material that is stuck within the material flow system. You can avoid that energy waste by selecting newer high-speed air cannon valves that are attached to smaller compressed air tanks. Such valves will discharge less compressed air at higher pressure. All blockages will be cleared without using a lot of energy to keep materials flowing at your facility.

Positive-Firing Valves

Earlier models of firing valves relied on a drop in the pressure within the material flow system in order to trigger the air cannons to fire a blast of compressed air. However, those systems posed some safety risks because they could accidentally trigger the air cannons when an external factor, such as equipment vibration, caused a change in the pressure within the system. Some recent models of firing valves now trigger the air cannon to fire after a solenoid attached to a timer completes a circuit when positive pressure is exerted on it by the operating mechanism of the air cannon. This eliminates accidental firing due to a defect within the material transport system, such as a leak that reduces the pressure within the chute or riser duct. Buy air cannons that use positive-firing valves to reduce safety risks.

Retractable Nozzles

It is now possible to buy air cannons with retractable nozzles. Such nozzles last longer because they retract in order to avoid the constant abrasive force of the materials flowing through the transport system. This means that you will not have to replace or repair the nozzles as frequently as another person whose system doesn't have retractable nozzles. Secondly, retractable nozzles can easily be removed for servicing. This eliminates the need for personnel to enter the chute or transport system in order to perform maintenance tasks. Servicing the air cannons can therefore take a shorter time when compared to servicing air cannons whose nozzles aren't retractable.

You will get value for money when you buy air cannons that have the features above. Find a supplier near you and discuss how you can install the air cannons for maximum effect in your material transport system.